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A zealous authoritarian high school administrator exploits his position in an attempt to break Shane Davison's teen spirit, unaware of the Pandora's box he has unintentionally opened. The administrator's unrestrained actions set into motion a chain of events which he did not foresee, in this early 1970's narrative, told from Shane's teenage perspective.

Shane takes the reader into his confidence to reveal a nightmare of biased victimization in a small, ultra-conservative, north Oklahoma town. A true, honest-to-goodness southern literary novel, inspired by actual events – a work-in-progress.


Sample Excerpt from CLIPPED WINGS (intro)

Sample Excerpt from CLIPPED WINGS
(Shane's memory flashback)

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Completed Rough Draft includes 2-Part Introduction
with an additional 127 Chapters
Approximately 300 words = one published page
Average written words per day: 3000
Most productive day: Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 6800 written words
Longest single chapter: #124 (2025 words)

Status of rewrite as it is being completed
46 of 128 chapters

Book Release expected in 2019